Zrcadlení (Mirroring) 2016 - the 6th year - is open!

This year, you all are again invited to participate in another year of photo competition „Zrcadlení 2016“.
The possibility to sign in to competition started on 1. 6. 2016 and competitive part will be open until 30. 9. 2016.

Awarding ceremony will take place on 19.11. 2016 on “One day with Photo” in town Bystrice nad Pernstejnem.

You can compete and win very interesting prizes.

Competition themes and prizes for winners:


This theme is aimed on support and reflection of current topic - International Year of Global Understanding 2016. This theme is focused on harmony (or disharmony) between people, nature and environment in our region. The goal of this theme is to find out all the small connections between people, nature, traditions and atmosphere of the place – the unique genius loci of places that belong to Bystricko.

  • 1st. place - 10 000,- CZK
  • 2nd. place - material prizes (aprox. 5000,- CZK)
  • 3rd. place - material prizes (aprox. 2000,- CZK)

2) International theme: IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF KINGS

Each country has in history its own “good great king”. Old history does not know photos. Journeys and footprints of our great kings are still with us. (700th birth anniversary of czech king, roman emperor - Karel IV)

  • 1st. place - 10 000,- CZK
  • 2nd. place - material prizes (aprox. 5000,- CZK)
  • 3rd. place - material prizes (aprox. 2000,- CZK)

3) Regional theme: WHAT IS GOING ON BYSTŘICKO?

This theme is a challenge for all young and talented photographers that are younger than 15 and want to use their skills. Take documentary and art photography and express your common day „on Bystricko“.

  • 1st. place - 5 000,- CZK
  • 2nd. place - material prizes (aprox. 2000,- CZK)
  • 3rd. place - material prizes (aprox. 1000,- CZK)

Upload your photography

Everyone can upload his photos in to competition after registration on this page from 1. 6. 2016 to 30. 9. 2016 : 1) COMPETITOR REGISTRATION, button 2) INSERT PHOTO, button

Requirements for photos

format: JPG
size: MIN. = 2MB, MAX. = 5MB
Proportions: MIN. 2800 x 1700
Photos that do not meet the requirements of competition, can ́t be approved for competition. Before all changes in picture, please, use the highest possible quality – minimum compression rate on photo. From competition will be removed all pictures with inappropriate, offensive, unethical or otherwise offensive content. Pictures that are not in conformity with themes will be removed too.

Záštitu fotofestivalu ZRCADLENÍ 2021 udělili

Ministr kultury ČR
PhDr. Lubomír Zaorálek

Radní Kraje Vysočina
Mgr. Roman Fabeš

Starosta Města Bystřice n. P.
Ing. Karel Pačiska

Předseda mikroregionu Bystřicko
Libor Pokorný

Realizaci projektu podpořili

ČEZ Město Bystřice nad Pernštejnem Kraj Vysočina Miniserstvo kultury Mikroregion Bystřicko
Hotel Ala Digitální foto magazín Logo Zoner Press fotolab Vinotéka ISSORI

Mediální partneři

FotoMosty Vysočina, regionální týdeník Tvorba webových stránek a optimalizace pro vyhledávače 4People Bystřicko